We came to this world with limited time and infinite possibilities. In our life, most of the time goes in collecting experiences, some of these experiences we treasure and some help us to live a better life. These experiences can make us happy sometimes, help us LOL or cry sometimes. It’s not only our experiences but experiences of others too that bring out these emotions in us. Thanks to our mobiles and social networks! A friend’s Goa experience shared on social media leaves us yearning for the same. The trailer of a new upcoming movie on last weekend tempts us to watch it with her/him and the list goes on!

Our pledge is to make a difference and add value to the lives of people by creating a customized never before media viewing experience with the use of technology that not only entertains but also helps to Live Life Better and create social equality using the power of internet.

As a generation we are crazy about getting more out of everything. Can I get more out for me while using my smartphone where I spend a considerable amount of time of my life? That’s what drove us to find a way, how we can give you an experience that you want, just by cherishing those golden moments via pictures, videos and music on your mobile. We have developed a media player platform that will connect you to brands and brands with you to bring you closer to those experiences that money can’t buy or can buy.

We are simply a bunch of Tech savvy guys who are trying to make a difference by creating something that would help you and the mankind to Live Life Better (Liv Lyf B’tr). We want to create an ecosystem where everyone is happy. We have created a platform that is useful. One that enables you to access various experiences to Live Life Better and everyone should get a chance to enjoy experiences that money can’t buy or can buy.

Value Time, Value Life
with VuLiv



  • Hemant
    Hemant Geek God

    Mr. Hawk-eye. Has a penchant for finding the devil in the details.

  • Gunjan
    Gunjan Geek God

    This simple, dedicated girl who believes big just ain’t BIG ENOUGH!

  • Varun Goyal
    Varun Goyal Geek Guru

    The VuLiv community manager is a fitness freak who is better known as the face of VuLiv

  • Shivam
    Shivam Geek Guru

    Quietly confident, his determination is unwavering.

  • Sahil Sachdeva
    Sahil Sachdeva Ninja Guru

    Mr. Sharp Shooter…shoots a mail/text every waking second. He is also the King of Alliances!

  • Nitesh
    Nitesh Geek Guru

    Never the one to refuse taking on a challenge. His exuberance wins half his battles.

  • Anshu Kumar
    Anshu Kumar Ninja Guru

    This self-proclaimed adventurer is an expert at making moves. In Chess that is.

  • Amol Singh
    Amol Singh Geek

    This Java guy from the Pind is a sportsman too. Try throwing a ball at him!

  • Ankit
    Ankit Geek

    The teams Mr.Cool-head. Known for his diligence and focus.

  • Ankush Mishra
    Ankush Mishra Geek

    This Android expert is very rooted. So much so that he hardly moves away from his seat

  • Barun
    Barun Wordsmith

    A nature lover with an exploratory streak. Always packed and ready to go!

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar Ninja

    Mr.Never Give Up never backs down either. Be it revenue targets or a game of cricket.

  • Gursewak
    Gursewak Geek

    A crazy traveller who believes in simple living and high thinking.

  • Gyanesh
    Gyanesh Geek

    Aspiring singer with the mind of a chef! Can make food sing and willing to sing for food.

  • Kedar
    Kedar Geek

    Our pocket sized dynamo. His quite demeanor is a smokescreen.

  • Kratika Simlote
    Kratika Simlote Geek

    This Rajasthani girl keeps a strict watch on bugs.

  • Lokesh
    Lokesh Geek

    An adventure lover to the core. You could well find him with a parachute strapped to his back.

  • Nikita
    Nikita Geek

    The tech-enthusiast with a disarming smile and Never Say No attitude.

  • Rahul
    Rahul Geek

    The Punjabi Munda!! Ever supportive his cheerfulness is his hallmark.

  • Rajesh
    Rajesh Dreamer

    A past Table-tennis champ under the hood. His imagination is only surpassed by his passion for food.

  • Rajesh
    Rajesh Mr Fixit

    Our Mr.Fix-it. If there’s a problem can bet he’d be solving it.

  • Raman
    Raman Dreamer

    The Video Wizard. Can weave magic when he hits his straps.

  • Rashi Jaiswal
    Rashi Jaiswal Geek

    Bugs or ping-pong balls she smashes them with equal ease.

  • Seema
    Seema Geek

    Our Ms. Energiser  Bunny! Can hit a note and dance to the beat with equal ease!

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    Harshit Agarwal
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    Vansh Malhotra
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    Vaishali Garg
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    Mahesh Chorotiya
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    Kapil Sharma
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    Savita Bhati
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